Texas House approves licensed open carry of handguns

And the new governor will certainly sign it. Frankly, I’m surprised it took so long in a state like Texas. Now, I’m not a gun guy, but I’m also not anti-gun. However, I’m having trouble understanding the need for open carry. You’ve always been able to carry a gun with a CHL. Why the need to display it? » 4/20/15 6:54pm Yesterday 6:54pm

If I’m driving the limit, and you’re behind me, I’m sorry. You’ll have to find an opportunity to pass safely. That being said, here in TX there is a tradition where slower traffic will pull to the shoulder, remaining at speed, to allow a faster car to pass. If I’m out in the country, going 75, and you come up on me,… » 4/20/15 4:51pm Yesterday 4:51pm

The plane gained somewhat of a bad reputation for falling out of the sky. It was known to lose roll and yaw control at high power settings and low airspeeds. During flight testing of stall characteristics, aileron and rudder authority would be lost while the wing would continue to generate lift. This is generally…

» 4/20/15 4:31pm Yesterday 4:31pm

A good friend of mine had a bike accident just this afternoon. He was riding on a four-lane divided, in the bike lane, when somebody pulled out in front of him. Road rash on the knee, sore shoulder, cracked helmet. Thank god he was wearing a helmet. Similar to your poem, I was taught, “It’s better to be alive than to… » 4/20/15 4:21pm Yesterday 4:21pm

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